Albion Online Mining and gathering Tips

Q. How can I mine faster

This is a beginner guide, the main goal is to harvest more resources and materials in less time. In this guide we will cover,

  • Levelling, don’t ignore it
  • Gear, will help you gather more items at once
  • Consumables …. pies!
  • Speed, spend less time not mining
  • Bonus Tips

In this guide focus only on the 3 main resources in your biome (ignore the other 2 as they can’t level that high anyway).

Level to Tier 5 quickly

For Newer players, Tiers 1 – 3, harvest everything you can to level up to level 4, level 1-3 materials are mostly worth the same and can be safely collected in the blue zones.

Once you reach 4-5 you can stop harvesting those lower tiers, To harvest tier 5 you will need to got into the yellow zones, but it’s usually quite safe as you don’t often get attacked and lose almost nothing if you do.

Continued levelling will increase your harvesting and mining speed and yield.

Keep in mind that harvesting a lower tier than your current tier can still help with that levelling, even if the materials aren’t worth much you can always dump them.

Gear increases gathered amounts

Once you reach level 4 and above you gain access to gathering gear. Cap, Garb, Workboots, and Backpack each have bonuses, but only work on one resource type, so choose your main.

Cap, Garb, and Workboots charges up slowly but will yield a 10% bonus. As you increase levels in gear you get an extra bonus for lower tier materials so keep on levelling.

The backpack will reduce the weight of resources of the same tier and below by 30%. Useful for moving faster, especially early on in your gathering cycle.


Pies will give you a improve Gathering Yield (and load capacity).
Chicken Pie +5%, Goose Pie +10%, Pork Pie +15%. (salads for fishing). Pies last for 30 minutes.

Combined with gathering gear you’re starting to have a bit of a bonus which will help. But you’ll need to keep in mind that pies costs can start adding up.

Speed, optimize the way you play

Time is short and your pie nutrition will run out. So think in terms of gathering cycle. Use a horse early on, they are faster. Once you are starting to be over encumbered, switched to using an Ox for more capacity.

Your biggest time loss is travelling between nodes, gathering will get quicker as you level. Each area has 3 main resources, focus on harvesting every level 4+ node. While lower T4 nods have almost no value later, it can help level and as you build levels you will gather faster.

If you’re playing around server downtime, park yourself near a cluster of nodes and log off, next time you log on again you may find yourself in great place to start the day’s harvest.

Bonus Tip: Laborers Journals

Players that own islands can hire laborers to gather resources, but they are powered with journals. Journals are items that fill with experience by performing the matching action, e.g. gather stone for filling stone cutter journals.

You don’t need an island to do this, as empty journals can be purchased off the market place, and sold again when they are full. General these are more profitable from tier 5 onward.

Tier 6+ and Red and Black Zones

Consider carefully before entering these zones, if you die you will lose your gear. So take only what you need. If you have higher level tools, you may want to consider focusing only on the most rewarding materials.

The materials are worth a run into those areas. Travel with little, stay away from players and you’ll do fine, even if you get killed on the occasional run.

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