Oxygen Not Included How to use a pipe thermo sensor, guide to sorting hot and cold liquids (and gases)

When it comes to cooling in Oxygen Not Included, effectively managing temperature differentials between hot and cold elements is a major challenge. This guide aims to provide a simple approach to controlling the temperature of liquids and gases to meet these requirements.

Pipe Setup

On the red pipe line, hot liquids to go to the aquatuner. Cold will bypass on the green line. To do this a shutoff valve will open if it receives a green signal from the thermo sensor. It’s important to note that the red and green pipe lines are not connected. Also a liquid bridge prevents any liquid from back flowing. Cooler liquid will flow out the blue green line, where you could filter it around again, or send on to other systems.


A key part is the automation. The liquid pipe thermo sensor tells the liquid shutoff which liquid to let through. Set the liquid pipe thermo sensor to the chosen temperature and connect automation wire to the liquid shutoff and it’s ready to go.

In this example, when the temperature exceeds 0°C (32°F), a green signal will be triggered. However, if the temperature falls below the target range, a red signal will be sent to the liquid shutoff, prompting it to close. As a result, the liquid will bypass around the aquatuner.

One thing to note is if the pipe is empty, the temperature will be absolute zero, -273°C (-459.67°F). This is nothing to worry about and once liquids start moving through the pipe you will see more normal temperatures.


This setup also works for gases. A gas shutoff and gas pipe element sensor can be found in ventilation. A thermo regulator will provide the cooling. Same setup, different parts.


  • To see this in use visit the Cool Steam Vent Setup Guide
  • There is no pipe connection between the input (white) and output (green) of the shut off. The green/red pipe lines should not connect.
  • Always connect a liquid bridge to prevent a back loop.
  • Check input connections (white) and output connections (green) are the correct arrangement.
  • The shutoff will require power.
  • An additional sensor and shutoff could be used after the aquatuner to send liquids around for more cooling.

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