Albion Online What are focus points and how do I use them?

Focus points are a premium perk that can be used to boost farming, crafting and refining activities.

  • Farming
    Watering planted crops results in a higher yield of seeds. Nurturing animals once feed which will result in more offspring animals. In both cases you spend less on reseeding, and can also sell excess on the marketplace.
  • Crafting and Refining
    Selecting use focus points will result in a higher rate of return of the materials used. You’ll also get an improved chance to make higher tier items. Boosting output results in more goods sold.

Hot to get Focus Points

As mentioned before, they are a premium perk, your account will automatically generate 10,000 points daily, and will max out at 30,000 points.

Why are Focus Points matter

Focus points signification increase the profitability of farming, crafting, and refining activities by increasing output.

You should aim to use them every few days to boost activities to make them more silver profitable.

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