Oxygen Not Included How do you get slimelung out of the air

If your base has been filled with Slimelung your dupes will sometimes get a little sick. It’s not a big problem, they will recover, but it does make them slower than usual.

As you expanded outward you will need to remove Slimelung from the air and store that slime safely.

Where does Slime Lung Come From

Slimelung comes from slime and grows in polluted oxygen. As you expand your base, you will dig into the Swamp Biome, this will be the initial source of Slimelung.

Sometimes cold swamp biomes generate, these won’t have any Slimelung due to it being too cold. Slimelung will also grow in polluted water, the water sieve will clean this up and and Slimelung will slowly die.

Removing airborne Slimelung

The solution is very simple, spam down Deodorizers every where you see polluted oxygen. The air will clean up and the slime lung will die off.

Deodorizers use very little power and use little resource to setup. Next is removing all the slime and store it.

How to store slime safely

If you dig the slime out, it will still be a source problem. Building a storage bin underwater will prevent it in early bases.

A better storage is if you can put it in a pool of chlorine, which will slowly kill off all the germs.

After it’s safely stored you can look at converting the slime into Algea Distiller.

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