Oxygen Not Included What to do with too much water?

Too much water is almost always caused by water geyser, which produce water from nothing. So the main question use it or stop it?

How to stop water geysers

Prevent too much water generation by build a wall all around geysers. The area will fill it with the water and will eventually stop erupting. Insulated tiles are recommended to prevent over heating your base.

If you need more water later, just destroy the wall and water production will resume.

Uses for Water

If you are looking for way to use extra water here are several ideas,

  • Aqua tuners cooling, build near space, surround with water, and then let the steam vent into space. New water will flow in to continue the cooling cycle.
  • Hydrogen and oxygen generation, pump it into an electrolyzer. Vent any unwanted gas into space.
  • Hydroponic farms, use water to grow plants.
  • Pump into oil wells, now you have oil!
  • Look after you dupes, make sure they have toilets, wash basins and showers. There are also several recreation options such as the Mechanical Surfboard and Hot Tub.
  • Vent into space, if you pump the water into a space at the top of the world it will disappear. This will show that water who’s boss, and that boss is you.

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