Prison Architect What to do when your Parole Room is not working

If you are having a problem with prisoners not going for parole, there are several steps to having a functioning parole room.

The initial step is to hire a Warden, unlock “Prison Policy” under the Bureaucrat screen and build a parole room. You’ve probably already done that part, but see the room as empty and no prisoners being released.

Parole programs

The next step is to start the Parole program. Go to reports, then programs and click “start” on the parole hearing.

This will start the program and prisoners will start attending usually the next game day. If they pass parole the prisoner will leave the prison, if they don’t pass parole they will return to the prison.

If all works correctly there will be a time and a queue count. If there are no times, you may need to Edit the schedule and make sure there are parole sessions in the schedule (or press Reschedule All Programs to have it done automatically).

Can I have multiple parole programs?

You can have multiple parole programs by building multiple rooms and scheduling multiple “Parole hearings” by clicking start.

For better parole room usage unlock “Micromanagement” and a “Edit schedule” button will appear under programs. With the scheduler you will be able to move parole start times around to better suite prisoners free time.

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