Fallout Shelter What do the SPECIAL stats in Fallout Shelter do?

Each dweller’s SPECIAL attribute has a purpose and many have multiple, so you may want to consider how and when to train these stats. Knowing which dwellers stats will assist you in running your vault and exploring the wastelands.


  • Reduces production timer in Power Generator and Nuclear Reactor.


  • Reduces production timer in Water Treatment and Water Purification
  • Improves hit chance in combat
  • Wastelands: Helps with find locations like abandoned buildings.
  • Wastelands: Slows down the critical hit arrows, making it easier to get max damage multiplier.


  • Improves Health points gained on levelling up a dweller. Does not apply to previous levelling.
    MaxHitPoints+ = (Base endurance + OutfitEndurance) * 0.5 + 2.5
  • Reduces timer in Nuka-Cola Bottler


  • Reduces dweller breeding timer in living rooms
  • Reduces timer in radio room
  • Reduces timer in barbershop


  • Reduces production timers in Medbay and Science Lab
  • Wastelands: Helps with certain encounters


  • Vault: Reduces production timer in Diner/cafeteria and Garden
  • Quests: Faster attack speed leading to more attacks per round


  • Reduces room rush risk of failing
  • The amount of power/food/water obtained from rooms
  • Increases chance of caps and amount of production rooms
  • Wasetlands: Amount and quality of loot

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