Prison Architect How to make Money

Money management in Prison Architect is vital, in this money guide we’ll cover early, mid and late game money making methods.

Early Game

Early game you have nothing unlocked, so options are limited.

Complete grants. This helps with early cash boost and also provides expansion structure for later game money making.

Natural Trees. Have workers cut down trees found around the map and then sell the wood, this is a quick cash boost.

Mid Game

Once your Prison is established then it’s time begin research and optimising.

Parole. If a prisoner is paroled early and does not re-offend, you will receive a bonus of $3,000. Also you get to replace that prisoner with new intake cash. Requires Prison Policy.

Efficiency. Saving money is as good as earning. Make groups of prisoners eat at different times, this allows for fewer cooks (see this guide).

Fewer Staff. Cameras can monitor more areas with fewer Guards. Setup deployments to guard only problem areas. This one requires Security and Surveillance.

Late Game

There are 2 good options for generating ongoing cash flow. Both require a Foreman and several bureaucracy researches to be unlocked.

Build workshops. Workshops can make a comfortable amount every day, they do require a bit of setup. Requires Maintenance and then Prison Labour.

Forestry. Simpler setup, but requires more research to allow prisoners to work. Requires Maintenance and then Grounds Keeping. Then requires Prison Labour and Forestry Labour for prisoners.

Tax relief. This increases overall profit per day, which essentially makes money from nothing once unlocked. Requires Finance, then Tax Relief, then improves with Offshore tax haven.

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