Prison Architect How to Assign Prisoners to a Canteen

Advance management will guide prisoners to the set canteens and help with prisoner safety. There are a few steps to a well run prisoner canteen assignment.


The first step is to use bureaucracy to unlock micromanagement, Once researched it unlocks advanced features that allow you to have control over which cell blocks use which canteens, and also which kitchens supply those canteens.

Logistics, Food distribution

Now we have a new option logistics, where we can plan a food distribution network.

Clicking Food Distribution will show which cells link to which canteen.

Cell blocks to Canteens

It’s likely that a lot of cells link to a single canteen, and it’s a bit of a mess.

Let’s organise these into cell blocks so they can be assigned to different canteens.

Creating cell blocks

If you have a hallway connecting a lot of cells, placing doors at the end of that hallway will create a cell block. This will group cells together.

Once grouped into blocks then it is possible to assign each block to a different canteen.

Assigning cell blocks

Next, returning to Logistics Food Distribution we can see each cell block as automatically reassigned itself to a canteen. Dotted lines show the automatic assignments.

Cell blocks can be manually assigned with dragging the red to a new canteen, which will be shown with a solid line.

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