Prison Architect How to fix problems with programs not working

There are several steps to having prisoner programs working as expected. So lets go over the things needed to get those prisoners doing as they’re told.

Bureaucracy Requirements

Most programs have a research requirement to unlock . The education courses require “Education” to be unlocked, Therapy requires Psychology and so on.

Room requirements

All rooms have a room requirement, for example the “Workshop Safety Induction” will need a Workshop room that is 5×5, has a workshop saw, workshop press and table.

When building rooms it will show the requirements when hovering over the room selector.

Also most programs have a staff requirement, for “Workshop Safety Induction” you will also need to hire a foreman, for Kitchen Safety will require a cook and so on.

Allocating Time

This is an important step that’s often missed. Setting Work/Freetime allows prisoners to go to their chosen program during that time.

Selecting work and free time allows prisoners do those activities. Select the time type at the bottom and then paint the time of day for that activity.

Some programs require multiple hours, so make sure you allow time for that.

Starting Programs

Once you have the requirements completed, we need to schedule and start the programs.

Go to reports and then programs tab, then start a program.

It should have a time block in green text. You can also check the requirements by hovering over the program name.

Edit Schedule can also help with sort programs and other events. Reschedule All Programs will usually clear up any problems with miss allocated times.

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