Prison Architect What to do when your Parole Room is not working

If you are having a problem with prisoners not going for parole, there are several steps to having a functioning parole room. The initial step is to hire a Warden, unlock “Prison Policy” under the Bureaucrat screen and build a parole room. You’ve probably already done that part, but see the room as empty and… Continue reading What to do when your Parole Room is not working

Albion Online What do the different off-hands do?

Offhand items come in 3 types and have generally have 3 different styles. Shields (and variants); Increased armor and magic resistance, faster healing, improve effect from being healed. Torches (and variants); More Hit points and improved hit point regeneration, haste and speed buffs, reduced cool downs. Book (and variants); More energy and improved energy regeneration,… Continue reading What do the different off-hands do?

Albion Online Can I bank silver?

No you can’t bank silver. But not to worry you can’t lose silver by dying. But you can lose silver by duelling, so it is recommending to switch off duelling requests.

Albion Online What are focus points and how do I use them?

Focus points are a premium perk that can be used to boost farming, crafting and refining activities. FarmingWatering planted crops results in a higher yield of seeds. Nurturing animals once feed which will result in more offspring animals. In both cases you spend less on reseeding, and can also sell excess on the marketplace. Crafting… Continue reading What are focus points and how do I use them?

Albion Online Item Salvage

Q. Is there a way to break down items? A. The repair person in town has a tab where where you can salvage items. This way you can recycle items into materials. The location is different in each town, open the town map (usually n key). Find the Eldar’s repair station, it’s usually near the… Continue reading Item Salvage